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Second DUI

If you're facing DUI charges for a second time, you may think you in familiar territory. You may reflect upon the consequences you suffered for the first DUI, and decide they weren't so bad. You may believe it's not worth it to challenge the proceedings this time. However, you may not know that penalties dramatically increase for a second DUI conviction. You may lose your license, be required to have an ignition interlock device, and sentenced to time in jail.

Philadelphia Second DUI Lawyer

An experienced Philadelphia second DUI lawyer from Alva Foster & Moscow, LLC can represent you if you're facing another drunk driving charge. Our lawyers will fight for you to get the best possible result. We are aggressive attorneys who will challenge the claims of prosecutions, call DUI tests to question, and vigorously cross-examine the police officers testifying against you. Call us today at (215) 665-1695 to set up a consultation to discuss your Driving Under the Influence charges.

We represent those facing DUI charges throughout the Philadelphia area, including in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Bucks Counties, and in New Jersey.

Second DUI Issues for Philadelphia

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Increased Penalties for a Second Pennsylvania DUI

It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above .08. After your first DUI conviction, you face much greater penalties if you are convicted again.

Upon conviction for a 2nd DUI, if your BAC was equal to or over .08 but less than .1, you will lose your driver's license for up to a year and face up to six months in jail, with a mandatory minimum of five days in jail. The minimum fine for a second offense is $300, and you face a maximum fine of $2,500. You will also face mandatory alcohol treatment.

If your BAC was .1 or higher but less than .16, the minimum jail time goes up to 30 days, and the fine ranges between $750 and $5,000.

Finally, if your BAC for a second DUI offense was at or above .16, you face jail time of 90 days to five years, along with a fine between $1,500 and $10,000.

While these consequences for a second DUI conviction may seem especially harsh, the punishments get even worse with a third DUI. A Philadelphia DUI attorney can help you keep a cleaner record by fighting the charges.

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Ignition Interlock for a Second Drunk Driving Conviction

In addition to the above mentioned punishments, if convicted for a second DUI, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your car for a year before you can have driving privileges fully restored. The IID is a machine that is connected to your ignition, and will only allow the car to start if you submit a breath sample clean of any alcohol. It may also sound an alert while driving, at which point you must blow again and submit a clean sample so the car does not shut down. This is to prevent the driver from getting a clean sample from a friend to start the car.

An IID requirement would be in addition to the license suspension, meaning it could be up to two years before you are driving normally again. Additionally, you are responsible for the cost of installing and uninstalling the ignition interlock device, and that can be quite expensive.

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Fighting For You After a Second DUI Charge

A seasoned Philadelphia second DUI lawyer may be able to keep you from suffering the dramatically harsher punishments that may await you if you already have one Driving Under the Influence conviction on your records. Call the aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Alva Foster & Moscow, LLC for a lawyer who will advocate for you. Contact us today at (215) 665-1695 to set up a free consultation to discuss your second DUI charge.

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