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Rowan Sheridan


Rowan Sheridan is a fervent advocate dedicated to protecting the rights of incarcerated individuals. Rowan holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and political science from Drexel University. With a distinct focus on post-conviction appeal work, Rowan diligently explores avenues of relief for her clients. Rowan’s steadfast advocacy, dedication, and commitment to her clients offer a beacon of hope and guidance to those in need. Rowan has a strong passion for policing and prison reform, as well as supporting underserved populations in her community. These critical areas of focus have always been at the forefront of her personal and professional interests.

In 2020, Rowan joined Alva Foster & Moscow, LLC, where she provided investigation and litigation support under the esteemed mentorship of Edward J. Foster. Rowan played an integral role in securing the exoneration of two clients. Building upon this foundation, in 2021, Rowan’s scope expanded to encompass commutation and pardon applications, aimed at empowering individuals to overcome the limitations imposed by their criminal records.