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Terroristic Threats

The statute prohibiting making terroristic threats under § 2706 covers both written threats as well as oral threats. Section 2706 imposes criminal liability on anyone who makes a threat that seriously impairs personal security or public convenience. These accusations center on a threat that creates and maintains a state of extreme fear and distress. The statute is not intended to penalize mere spur-of-the-moment threats which result from anger.

Philadelphia Terroristic Threats Lawyer

If you were charged with making terroristic threats, either as a felony or misdemeanor, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Alva Foster & Moscow, LLC. Our attorneys represent both men, women, and juveniles charged with making a threat that terrorizes another person. Call us to discuss defending yourself against these serious criminal charges throughout the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Terroristic Threats Overview

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Elements of Terroristic Threats under Pennsylvania Section 2706(a)

The crime of making terroristic threats in Pennsylvania originally became effective on June 6, 1973 and was amended effective August 27, 2002. Under 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 2706, the elements of making terroristic threats require proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant communicates, either directly or indirectly, a threat to:

  1. commit any crime of violence with intent to terrorize another;
  2. cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly or facility of public transportation; or
  3. otherwise cause serious public inconvenience, or cause terror or serious public inconvenience with reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience.

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Paying Restitution for Making Terroristic Threats

Under 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 2706(b), a person convicted of making a terroristic threat shall be ordered to pay restitution in an amount equal to the cost of any evacuation, including, but not limited to;

  1. fire and police response;
  2. emergency medical service or emergency preparedness response; and
  3. transportation of an individual from the building, place of assembly or facility.

The restitution ordered under § 2706(b) is separate from, and in addition to, any restitution ordered under 42 Pa.C.S. § 9721(c).

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Private Remedies for Making Terroristic Threats

Section § 2706(c) provides that any restitution ordered in the criminal case will not prevent a person from suing in civil court to recover money damages from the person who committed the crime of making terroristic threats. However, any civil award will be reduced by the amount paid under the judgment for restitution in the criminal case.

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Grading or Classification of Terroristic Threats

Section § 2706(d) provides the penalties and punishments for the crime. In most cases, making a terroristic threat is charged as a misdemeanor of the first degree.

When it is alleged that the threat causes the occupants of the building, place of assembly or facility of public transportation to be diverted from their normal or customary operations, then the crime can be charged as a felony of the third degree.

Pennsylvania's statute prohibiting terroristic threats defines the term “communicates” to mean to covey "in person or by written or electronic means, including telephone, electronic mail, Internet, facsimile, telex and similar transmissions."

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Finding an Attorney for Charges of Making a Terroristic Threat

If you were charged with making terroristic threats under Section 2706, contact an attorney at Alva Foster & Moscow, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We represent clients throughout Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County.